What people are saying…

“I had two back surgeries back in ’93 to alleviate pain and numbness in my leg and arm.  In 2002, I underwent a total hip replacement.  During the work up by my Orthopedic Surgeon, he issued me a “Permanent Handicap Placard” application stating that the X-rays indicated nerve impingement had returned and more back surgery might not alleviate the problem, hence the ‘permanent’ DMV classification. Several months later, I could not walk more than 5 to 10 minutes without excruciating pain. I could no longer lead a normal, active life.I tried alternative treatment including Yoga and Feldenkrais regimens without success. Then I tried Pilates on an introductory program and met Valentin. 7 weeks of Pilates by her brought good results and within 6 months I was able to, again, walk 18 holes of golf. I regained my normal lifestyle! My Orthopedic Surgeon thinks this is a miracle. I have continued on with Valentin ever since for maintenance purposes.

Some might think this to be expensive but for me, avoidance of pain and numbness has no price tag!”

— James Quon

“Pilates by Val has improved my Tennis game by strengthening my core, which is so essential in shot execution. I have substantially increased flexibility and trust my movements on the court. The success was duly noted this past USTA season, with two trips to Nationals and one National Championship. Valentin has state of the art equipment and is an educator World Wide. I’m fortunate to learn and change my body by the best.”— Marilyn Morrell-Kristal, USPTA P1 Pro


“I recently added running to my cross training. Valentin has incorporated Pilates that help stretch and strengthen my muscles and core, and correct my body alignment.  Because of Pilates training, I am now a more functional and efficient runner.”

— Karin


“I love Pilates! It is the only class I walk out of feeling great! My posture has improved immensely and even feel taller. My only wish is that I could take a class every day. Everyone should try one class just to experience difference in their body.”

— Kathy Donohue