A variety of fun fitness classes are offered throughout the day. Private individual/duet/small group sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and can be scheduled according to your convenience. Ability to use all apparatus will overall condition the body for functional use.

Group Classes

Please note that group sessions (classes) are fitness-based, and are not intended or designed for rehabilitation.

Advanced Apparatus** Class for those students knowledgeable in all Pilates equipment: reformer, tower, chair, spine corrector, jumpboard, mat and all props. Closed Enrollment
Chair Fitness These challenging upper and lower body exercises using the Combo Chair Apparatus with Split Pedal assist in strengthening the imbalances of the body.
Circuit A class which uses a variety of equipment: Allegro reformer, tower, chair, spine corrector and/or mat with props.
Contemporary Reformer/Tower** Pilates-inspired sequences of exercises sometimes practiced to music. Also, the Tower, and Integrated Tower and Reformer movements are employed in this class. Please note that this session is highly stylized and choreographed, and is for intermediate to advanced students.
Intro to Reformer Learn the basic exercises, cueing, names of exercises and how to use the new Allegro 2 Reformer. This intro class can be taken more than once.
Mat with Props This short workout will intensify traditional floorwork by using the toning balls, squishy ball, ring, box, rotator discs, roller, half roller and dowel. Simple and quick but not easy
Men’s Advanced Cycle Circuit** Heighten awareness of “core” stabilization and midline during this sports-specific session. Concentration of leg specific exercises will be practiced. Closed Enrollment.
Senior Chair for Balance
This 40-minute class targets the needs for most seniors: leg and foot strengthening and stretching, muscular endurance, balance and gait.
Spine Corrector Learn how to mobilize and stabilize the spine from several directions: standing, sitting, laying down, kneeling. Also, this piece of equipment allows for deep stretching of the torso muscles.
Traditional Reformer Undiluted, Joseph Pilates original exercises taught on the reformer to improve overall fitness. The “Hundred,” “Short Spine,” “Long Stretch” and others will be instructed with attention to detail.
Rejuvenation Circuit Rejuvenate and restore balance in your body. This class will use a variety of equipment – Reformer/Tower, Chair, Spine Corrector to mobilize your spine, reduce tension, improve flexibility.

** Pre-requisites for these classes:

  • Students must have previously completed four sessions of Traditional Reformer.
  • Students who do not meet the pre-requisites must have prior management approval.

Private Sessions

Back Care Private/class sessions focus on exercises to strengthen the weak abdominal and postural muscles that often times produce pain and discomfort. With regular practice, one can improve posture and relieve associated back pain caused form misuse, injury or from hours of sitting at a desk.
Golf A sports-specific program to increase overall fitness will focus on rotation, flexibility, strength, power and speed. Pilates apparatus will be used to facilitate simulated movements for golf
Home Program Develop a personal program to practice at home or travel or for rehabilitation. A take-home set of exercises will be developed for personal use.
Osteoporosis Special Pilates exercises to assist those with osteoporosis will be practiced. Education regarding movement limitations and improved balance and muscle strength to decrease risk of falls will also be introduced.
Hip/Knee/Foot Injury Learn how to train the surrounding muscles to support an injured joint. Practicing these exercises prior to a surgery can improve and expedite recovery.