MOTR – More Than a Roller

education-motr-training-centersBalanced Body has selected PBBV as a host site for training this new product

The MOTR is “More Than a Roller.” With the addition of an extension arm and resistance units, this piece of equipment provides endless options to challenge range of motion, balance and strength. It is appropriate for all levels.

MOTR’s versatility offers unlimited programming and limitless results. Improve your strength, balance, agility, sports condition, cardio, and more!

balanced-body-logo-100904bThe roller itself is 6 inches wide, 2 inches wider in diameter than a typical roller, offering a rounder surface and utilizes stability brackets to keep it from rolling while you are working on it. The extension bar with the cords move independently of each other (unlike on the reformer) offering exercise patterns not able to be performed on the reformer! Try one and you will not be disappointed.


MOTR and Walking Balance

MOTR Arm Supine Leg and Arm Lowers

SmartBells Agility Using MOTR Roller

MOTR and 4.6lb SmartBells Interval Style

MOTR and Walking Balance Without Mirror

MOTR Plank and Leg Abduction

MOTR Standing Arm Abduction with Resistance


MOTR Arm and Standing Leg Abduction