smart-bells-collageHumans have not evolved to move in straight lines. Our bodies are optimized for the rotational movements found in the real world. SmartBells® were designed to mimic the way people move in real life, reinforcing natural movements instead of fighting against them.

Uniquely shaped to carve through space in flowing movements, SmartBells® ergonomic and balanced design features a two-handed grip spaced at the optimal distance to enable a high level of control while conforming to your body.

Unlike traditional weight systems that rely on repetitions of linear actions that unnaturally tax muscles and ligaments, SmartBells® work by creating extended flowing movements that stretch and tone your whole body or targeted muscle groups. They help you keep moving wherever you are in a natural, effective and refreshing way.

And because of their highly ergonomic design and moderate weight, SmartBells are perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels.

SmartBells Agility Using MOTR Roller

MOTR and 4.6lb SmartBells Interval Style

SmartBells Arm and Standing Leg Abduction

SmartBells and Short Box Abdominals

SmartBells with Multiplanar Rotation

What are SmartBells?